Why Religion Must Not Be Banished from Schools

§ Bullying starts early

All around the world, teasing and bullying amongst the kids start at a very early stage, probably during the first and second grade. Kids make fun about the colors of others and ask insulting questions from reports they hear on the tv that are not entirely true. A young boy related to the Sikh community is forced to take off his turban in school due to the pressure of his classmate while a Muslim boy is asked questions like “is there a bomb under your shirt?”. If knowledge about the majority of religions is not spread at an early age, the divisions will only get bigger as they go into a future, and this is what leads to terrorist attacks in certain countries.

§ Religion plays role in everyday life

Religion has been a strong point in everyday politics, with the world more divided than ever, it cannot be denied that the religion plays a key role. Countries with no tolerance for another religion start cutting off relations with each other and impose heavy taxes on imports. Countries which have gained independence on the sole basis of being able to practice their religion freely are the very countries that are constantly being threatened economically and through a war of words. For children and teenagers who want to understand today’s world politics, they must surely know the religion every country follows to know the basis on hate amongst the countries.

§ Certain religions are spreading

Certain faiths such as Islam is now more common than ever. It is one of the fastest growing religions according to a study in America. Hinduism comes next. While teenagers may seem confused to see the people they know convert to different religions, they must know the basis of every religion and later may study it in detail to choose for themselves. Children must know about the diversity of cultures and religion growing in their surroundings.

§ Teaching religion opens the mind

Religion is considered to be a personal aspect, something you believe in since you are born. When someone talks about their religion which may not even be offensive, they find themselves insulted and hurt as if it were an attack to them and all their family. Educating religion is to show the children and help them realize how there are kids just like them who believe differently. This will allow the children to become less protective of their religions and instead, make them curious about other religions.

§ Religion teaches something academics don’t

Though education is booming at an all-time high, it has failed to teach children some very important ethical values. Acts of forgiveness, lying framed as bad and having a strong faith in God that everything will be alright is something not taught in any other subject. Religion teaches what a child must know first while growing up. It teaches you how to treat people, how to take care of the environment and even teaches you to obey your morals values. Take care of the people around you, always fulfill your promises and to never turn away yourself from the needy are basics of every religion and must be taught to the children if we want to expect a bright future ahead of us.

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